Trains Cancelled / Resheduled / Short Terminated due to Line Block between Lingampalli and Hafizpet For Track Maintenance Works

South Central Railway will impose a Line Block o­n the down line between Lingampalli and Hafizpeta Stations between 14.30 hrs to 17.30 hrs  o­n Sunday, the 13th May, 2012; Tuesday, the 15thMay,2012 and Friday,  the  18th May, 2012.

1)MMTS Trains Cancelled:-

1.Train No. 47115/H-L16 Hyderabad-Lingampalli( o­n Sunday (13th May) , Tuesday(15thMay) and Friday (18th May)
2.Train No. 47139/LH14 Lingampalli-Hyderabad  o­n Tuesday and Friday
3.Train No. 47116/HL16  Hyderabad-Lingampalli  o­n Tuesday   and Friday
4.Train No. 47141/LH16 Lingampalli-Hyderabad o­n Tuesday and Friday)
5.Train No. 47119/HL20  Hyderabad-Lingampalli o­n  Tuesday and Friday)
6.Train No. 47114/HL15 Hyderabad-Lingampalli o­n Sunday)
7.Train No. 47110/LH15 Lingampalli-Hyderabad o­n  Sunday, Tuesday and Friday)
8.Train No. 47117/HL18 Hyderabad-Lingampalli o­n Tuesday and Friday)

2)MMTS services short terminated o­n Sunday (13.5.12) :-

1.Train No. 47187/LF21 Lingampalli-Falaknuma short terminated at Secunderabad
2.Train No. 47197/FH1Falaknuma-Hyderabd  at Secunderabad    
3.Train No. 47185/LF18 Lingampalli-Falaknuma  at Secunderabad
4.Train No. 47217/LF20 Lingampalli-Falaknuma  at Secunderabad
5.Train No. 47218/FL22  short terminated at Secunderabad
6.Train No. 47216/FL17 Falaknuma-Lingampalli  at Hafizpet
7.Train No. 47186/LF19 Lingampalli-Falaknuma at Hafizpeta
8.Train No. 47112/HL13 Hyderabad-Lingampalli  at Hafizpeta
9.Train No. 47139/LH14 Lingampalli – Hyderqabad  at Hafizpeta
10.Train No. 47116/HL17 Hyderabad-Lingampalli  at Hafizpeta
11.Train No. 47141/LH16 Lingampalli-Hyderabad at Hafizpeta

3)MMTS services short terminated o­n Tuesday ( 15.5.12) and Friday (18.5.12):-

1.Train No. 47160/FL16 Falaknuma-Lingampalli short terminated at Hafizpeta
2.Train No. 47184/LF17 Lingampalli-Falaknuma at Hafizpeta
3.Train No. 47187/LF21 Lingampalli-Falaknuma  at Secunderabad
4.Train No. 47216/FL14 Falaknuma-Lingampalli at Hafizpeta
5.Train No. 47186/LF17 Lingampalli-Falaknuma at Hafizpeta
6.Train No. 47113/HL14 Hyderabad-Lingampalli   at Hafizpeta
7.Train No. 47186/LF19 Lingampalli-Falaknuma  at Hafizpeta
8.Train No. 47185/LF18 Lingampalli-Falaknuma  at Hafizpeta
9.Train No. 47217/LF20 Lingampalli-Falaknuma at Secunderabad
10.Train No. 47218/FL21 Falaknuma-Lingampalli  at Secunderabad
11.Train No. 47161/FL21 Falaknuma-Lingampalli  at Hafizpeta
12.Train No. 47210/LF22 Lingampalli-Falaknuma  at Hafizpeta

4)MMTS services Rescheduled:-

1.Train No. 47112/HL13 rescheduled o­n Sunday (13.05.12) at Hyderabad
2.Train No.47183/LF 16 rescheduled o­n Sunday (13.05.12) ,Tuesday(15.05.12) and Friday (18.05.12)  at Lingampalli
3.Train No. 47118/FL 23  16 rescheduled o­n Sunday (13.05.12) ,Tuesday(15.05.12) and Friday (18.05.12)  at Lingampalli
4.Train No. 47169/ FL 15 16 rescheduled o­n Sunday (13.05.12) ,Tuesday(15.05.12) and Friday (18.05.12)  at Lingampalli
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