Cancellation/Partial Cancellation/Re-Scheduling of Trains due to Engineering Works in Nanded Division on 17th April 2012

On account of Engineering Works related to Construction of Road Under Bridges between Chikalthana & Karmad and Badnapur & Jalna o­n Parbhani-Manmad Section of Nanded Division o­n 17th April 2012, some trains have been Cancelled/Partially Cancelled/Re-Scheduled as follows:

1.T.No.57549 Hyderabad-Aurangabad Passenger scheduled to leave Hyderabad at 21.30 hrs o­n 16.04.12 will be partially cancelled between Jalna-Aurangabad.

2.T.No.57550 Aurangabad-Hyderabad Passenger scheduled to leave Aurangabad at 15.30 hrs o­n 17.04.12 will be partially cancelled between Aurangabad and Jalna.

3.T.No.57561 Kacheguda-Manmad Passenger leaving KCG at 04.50 hrs o­n 17.04.12 arriving Jalna 17.08 hrs will be partially cancelled between Jalna and Manmad. T.No.57590 Manmad-Nagarsol Passenger scheduled to leave MMR at 21.20 hrs o­n 17.04.12 will be cancelled.

4.T.No.57541 Nargarsol-Nanded Passenger scheduled to leave Nagarsol o­n 07.30 hrs o­n 18.04.12 will be partially cancelled between Nagarsol and Jalna.

5.T.No.17687 Manmad-Dharmabad Express to be rescheduled by 2 hrs (Ex Manmad at 17.00 hrs instead of 15.00 hrs).

6.T.No.11402 Nagpur-Mumbai CSTM Nandigram Express will be regulated at Jalna from20.20 hrs to 21.00 hrs i.e., 40 minutes.

7.T.No.77684 Nagarsol-Jalna Shuttle to be rescheduled to leave at 18.30 hrs instead of 17.30 hrs.

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