Cancellation / Partial Cancellation / Regulation of Trains due to Modification of Yard at Vijayawada Station

In view of the modification of ‘F’ Cabin, alteration of ‘G’ Cabin at Vijayawada and insertion of point Nos. 161 A and B at RRI yard from 10thto 21st April, 2012, the following trains will be fully cancelled / partially cancelled / regulated during the period:-

A)Trains Fully Cancelled from 10thto 21st April, 2012

1)Train No. 67281 to 67289 Vijayawada-Tenali-Guntur-Vijayawada Passenger trains
2)Train No.67251/67253 Vijayawada-Tenali-Vijayawada Passenger trains.

B)Trains Partially Cancelled between Vijayawada and Guntur

1)Train No. 56501/56502 Vijayawada-Hubli-Vijayawada Passenger Trains
2)Train No.56503/56504 Vijayawada-Yesvantpur-Vijayawada Passenger Trains

C)Trains Regulated o­n 12thApril, 2012

1)Train No.57232 Kakinada-Vijayawada Fast Passenger for 60 minutes at Gunadala

D)Trains Regulated o­n 13thApril, 2012

1)Train No.12804 Nizamuddin-Visakhapatnam Swarna Jayanti Express for 60 minutes at Vijayawada .
2)Train No. 12805 Viskahapatnam-Secunderabad Janmabhoomi Express for 60 minutes at Eluru-Gunadala.
3)Train No. 18645 Howrah-Hyderabad East Coasy Express for 100 minutes at Eluru-Gunadala .
4)Train No.12663 Howrah-Tiruchirapalli Express for 454 minutes at at Eluru-Gunadala.
5)Train No.57257 Tirupati-Kakinada Passenger for 45 minutes at Krishna Canal.

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